Privacy Policy

Babita Escorts reserves all the privacy terms that are defined in the policy. Check the below-described policy to know more in detail. Pronunciation like ‘we’ and ‘us’ must be considered as Babita Escorts.

Security & Updates

Babita Escorts update regularly website for security improvement and relevant contents. All data is secure and owned by us. You will get updated content on the website with attached personal data and information.

Would you my keep information private as I’m well-known personality in society or all over the world? How Will you assure this?

Confidentiality agreement of celebrity and public personalities have more priority than welcoming you only. Your privacy and safety will be on safe hand as long as respect Babita Escorts.

Do you save my Details and Data?

No, we do not hold customer data. Despite should, a Customer outrages the terms and conditions of a contract with our Escorts, we will retain that Client’s data on our blacklist database– i.e. that Customer can not be considered to hire Babita Escorts Services.

Payment Details

If you pay via credit, debit cards like Visa, Master Card, Rupay or online modes of PayPal, net Banking or UPI, all the payment receipt will be given to you. We don’t save any card details and your payment methods, on every transaction your details will be automatically deleted. If any transactions failed by your online payment method then Babita Escorts is not responsible. Please be careful while doing and transactions.

Do your permission if I want to make video or videotapes, Photos or personal experience private details to share on social media or any other form?

Do men yet recording video stuff these times? To clarify your query: No. We aspire to assure that everyone has valid terms and that every person’s privacy is protected. You are appreciated to tweet a photograph of your meals at restaurants, but not if on a dinner date. That privacy assurance operates both ways. Our Escorts will not record/photograph you unless. Any breaches of privacy or security will be reported to a legal entity within areas.

Collection of Personal Information and Data


We collect given reviews based on visitor’s IP address to detect real reactions. All data is safe and used only to give relevant services to the clients.

Media and Attachments

All media available on the website is owned by us and will have to concern before using for any business purpose. You can download information for using personal use only and can embed any data from our website. We have some embedded media files by third party websites, if you have logged in in any form on that website, it will be the consent of that website if it syncs your information on that site.

Comments Data

All received comments are filtered by the automated spam detector and after that process, the standard comments will be published. You can download all your comments data.


We do not store any location of the user. We have a clear policy of location related to personal privacy data.

Client Contact Details 

Babita Escorts do not save any contact details if anybody not taking our services. While the services are provided then all data of contact related to the client will be saved for service regarding payments and reviews. After completion of the service, your data will be deleted.

Cookies and Logged In Information

For commenting, It is required to provide information like e-mail, Name and Website. So, you will be opted for giving information on your consent and all data will be saved only for review purpose. If you have logged in on the website then you have given consent to store temporary cookies. All data is safe and can be downloaded by logging in on your account. Cookies will be saved in our browser if that accepts cookies. All contained cookies will be deleted after deleting browsing history and no personal information will be saved in cookies.

We Respect Privacy

We respect the privacy of our clients and provide all best possible services along with personal data security.

Many pieces of information like analytics by Google, Bing or other third-party search engines, where we collect visitors clicks and how many visitors recently visited.

We do not save any information and as said always respect the privacy of our clients because we provide only seamless and smooth services.

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