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Top 4 Car Sex Positions You Can Try

Car Sex Positions Call girls in Delhi
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Sun roof on

Does your date’s car have a sunroof? Perfect. Tell your client to stand with one of their feet on the passenger seat and the other one in the driver’s seat. While they do that, you’ll have to sit up on the sun roof’s edge and face him or her. Or you could lie on your back instead so that your partner enters you. The car’s gonna rock just like one of those waterbeds, ladies, and gentlemen.

Wait, there’s another fun scenario to try. Ask your client to sit in the passenger seat. Now make sure you stand out of the roof with both your feet planted on either side of his or her hips. Your thighs should be wrapped around your partner’s face. It’s an amazing way to let her or him perform some sweet cunnilingus while you moan away.

Cowgirl with a twist

For this position, you need to make sure the driver’s seat is pushed back and reclined all the way down. Your date has to lie on it and you need to sit on their lap with your face out the car’s front. Remember: keep both your hands on the steering wheel. This will make it easier and more comfortable to go up and down his dick or her strap-on. Major turn on and orgasm-inducer.

Doggie style fun

Otherwise known as rear-ended, this sex position works wonders in a car, thanks to its medium height and confined space. You have to get on your knees and hands in the back seat. Your date will have to stand either on the passenger seat (make sure it’s pushed as far as it goes) or outside the car’s door. Let the grinding begin!

Up on the roof

For oral sex purposes, nothing says ah like roof sex. First things first: lie on your back on the roof. Your ass has to be near the edge. Place your thighs on your client’s shoulders and… get ready for a trip to pleasure land any minute now.

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