Top 5 Fun Sex Positions

Getting really bored of engaging in the same old sex positions during all your dates? Have you already tried each and every single stuff in the book to make your client happy? Maybe it’s time you took a break from the beaten path and tried something fun for a change.

Sex doesn’t have to be a chore, right? You are not robots asked to perform the same tasks over and over again. You will only end up desensitized and you will just be in it for the money. Today we will talk about what you can do to experience a playful and deeply satisfying experience between the sheets, on the kitchen table, in the shower, or whatever place gets you and your clients blood pumping.

A sweet roll in the hay

Otherwise known as the tight squeeze, this sex position is great if you are the spontaneous kind in a small place. It’s super exciting and will make you orgasm like crazy.

But here s the specifics. First of all, you need to choose your favorite surface for sitting. A chair can be great, trust us. OK, now that you know where you will sit, wrap both your legs around your client’s waist and stand facing them. Squeeze him or her inside you and place both your arms around their back. That’s meant to avoid accidents, e.g.: you falling and hurting yourself in the heat of passion.

Bedside doggy

Raise your hands those of you who love doing it as they do on the Discovery Channel. Here’s how to make it fun for your next booking: by experimenting with something known as bedside doggie.

As per the obvious name of this sex position, you can use your bedside or his/hers. However, this might turn into an uncomfortable position at some point for some of you. If that’s the case, we suggest going for either a desk or a chair.

For an even more exciting sensation, mix the bedside doggy with doggy style stairs. Yes, you guessed it: let him or she penetrate you from behind while you’re sitting on the stairs.

Kitty cat

Do you rarely have an orgasm when you’re with a guy? This position is for you, then. To make things unforgettable, ask him to lie on top of you. Then tell him to move upon you slowly until he is as high up as possible and it’s not uncomfortable for you. Done? Great, moving on. He can start grinding in small circles at a slow pace. If he begins to pound away like a maniac, tell him to stop and start again as instructed.

With this position, your clit will be stimulated by the base of his penis and you will experience the best climax of your life.

Superman to the rescue

If your date likes to go to the gym on the regular, the superman position will work like a charm. He needs to lift your pelvis up till both your feet are in the air. Then he can insert his dick inside your honey pot. Your G-spot will definitely receive the attention it craves!

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